Winning With A Single Spin

I get over two three times a year as it is and obviously going to Vegas and for the shows so rather the show and I’m actually thinking of coming to Sigma for the first time this year so I’ll get to meet a lot the voices you know firsthand on on in their environments which would be good because I haven’t been to Malta come on up since I was put off going to multiply the Icelandic volcano that kept me trapped there for like seven days I went a few churches that was crazy and then I was at the Betfair doing that alright let’s go to Seoul maybe in the future yeah this one picture this is on the forum I’d like to show you this picture. Find out how not to get addicted to spins at CasinoSlots.

I can’t do it now because we have well – it will look messed up if I if I show it on on the screen we’re actually we have it on the thread and the QA thread is you do actually making more QA you’ll get it from Asif is you said it was really sad come up so basically it’s a super near hit in England so it’s it’s it’s diamonds the power yeah it would have been yeah big win big war twelve ways what diamonds what’s the question are these generated just so you just supposed to think you were close it’s that actually fucking close that’s just close I mean I mean to generate something that’s that level of eye candy or any level of eye candy to be honest generated to make the player perceive that they could win something from a spin and have a just mess.

If you were to engineer that would be absolutely illegal yeah the KGC and every other you know there’s nothing that can be done about that there was a case on in running in Australia at the moment with a game called dolphin treasure where a woman believed in a Melbourne casino that the dolphin or the the I think was a treasure chest yeah docked whenever there was – scatters always stopped just before the real position and bounce in the thread as well sweetie shared the picture I’m referring to his Porsche physics first one yeah so that and in that case I don’t know I didn’t follow it I haven’t haven’t looked up on what happened with it but it was a case of a woman that believed that that that was basically every single spin on that game was showing a scatter on the back to say oh just nearly missed that scatter mister picture and she firmly believed that it was you know manufactured and uh if you out there look it up my grams and see see if it actually came out but you know that that is but it is good to know that you don’t yet rate those two like it was actually freaking close.